Thursday, January 30, 2014

How To: Right handed Power Fist Conversion for Chaos Helbrute

You put your right hand in and you smash it all about!

Hey guys, Caleb with White Metal Games here!

Recently I was tasked with coming up with a right handed power fist for a Chaos Helbrute.  I know, I know, nobody likes Helbrutes in this addition.  However, I'd argue that a Chaos Helbrute with two power fists and twin heavy flamers is actually a wrecking ball at 130 points!

The problem of course was how to covert the second power fist.  The only Helbrute on the market right now is the Dark Vengeance model, which while cheap and easy to acquire doesn't have what I'd call many options, or any options for that matter.  Fortunately, conversions like this are what I live for!

Since I had kit bashed a few Helbrute back when Dark Vengeance was released, I had a few spare helbrutes laying around.

Here's what you'll need for this conversion:

2 Helbrutes (stop whining, they're less than $5 each on ebay!)
1 Daemon Prince open hand right arm (about $5 for bit plus shipping)
Clippers, Glue, and a Razor Saw

All told, you can build this model for less than $20 and still have most of the 2nd helbrute left over for another conversion.  This is how bits boxes are born, people!  Get with the program!

Okay, this conversion couldn't be simpler.  Here's how it works.

 First, clip the long fingers off the Daemon Prince right arm.  Be sure to save the fingers, as these can be useful for conversions down the road.  You'd be surprised.  Clean up the edges where you cut with a hobby knife.

Now, using a pair of clipper, carefully clip both halfs of the arm behind the 'elbow'.  Clean it up a little bit with a hobby knife.  Now glue the arm together normally.

Remove the melta barrels from the helbrutes right arm.  These are also worth saving IMHO.  They are useful for melta guns, engine exhausts, etc, down the road.  Now glue the arm together otherwise normally.

Once dry, you are going to dry fit the open handed daemon prince forearm against the helbrute melta barrel arm, which now is more of an upper arm/elbow.  If they fit smoothly, great!  If not, clean it up a bit with a hobby knife.  Then using some plastic glue to weld the two pieces together.  Allow at least 1-2 hours to dry fully.

Okay, one of your two helbrutes is what we are going to call the spare helbrute.  Using the right (powerfist) arm on the spare helbrute, carefuly remove the fingers from the right hand.  I used a craft saw to do this, carefully sawing the three main fingers off the hand, then using a pair of clipper to carefully remove the 'thumb'.

Clean up the fingers so that they are relatively clean and smooth.

Dry fit the fingers onto the daemon prince arm and once satisfied with the placement, glue them into position. Let dry.

Now the model is more or less done. All you need to do is use a little 2 part epoxy to till in the gap along the elbow and under the hand/fingers.

I know, I know . . . you don't love the posing.  Well,  if you are up for a challenge, then feel free to repose the figure in a more evocative stance, like this feral beastie we are putting together for a themed fallen Wolf Brothers army.

Got a cool helbrute conversion?  We'd love to see it!  Post a picture in the comments below, and then you'll really . . . 

Caleb, WMG

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Caleb, White Metal Games


  1. Very interesting conversion, there is a good idea and the result is good.
    Good idea, maybe you have inspired the next Dread of Games Workshop Chaos. ;)

  2. Love this pose on this, nice and menacing!